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ISO 45001:2018 Clause 9.3 Management Review

It is requirement for your top management to review the OH&S management system at planned intervals.

I would recommend doing this at least monthly, as things in the safety space can change very quickly within 3-6 months, let alone annually. This will ensure the OH&S management system is continuing suitability, adequacy and effectiveness.


The management review will consider:

1. The status of actions from previous management reviews

2. Changes in external and internal issues that are relevant to the OH&S management system, including:

- The needs and expectations of interested parties;

- Legal requirements and other requirements;

- Risks and opportunities;

3. The extent to which the OH&S policy and the OH&S objectives have been met

4. Information on the OH&S performance, including trends in:

- incidents, nonconformities, corrective actions and continual improvement;

- monitoring and measurement results;

- results of evaluation of compliance with legal requirements and other requirements;

- audit results;

- consultation and participation of workers;

- risks and opportunities;

5. Adequacy of resources for maintaining an effective OH&S management system

6. Relevant communication(s) with interested parties

7. Opportunities for continual improvement.


The outputs of the management review shall include decisions related to:

  • The continuing suitability, adequacy and effectiveness of the OH&S management system in achieving its intended outcomes;

  • Continual improvement opportunities;

  • Any need for changes to the OH&S management system;

  • Resources needed;

  • Actions, if needed;

  • Opportunities to improve integration of the OH&S management system with other business processes;

  • Any implications for the strategic direction of the organization.


Top management will communicate the relevant outputs of management reviews to workers, and, where they exist, workers’ representatives (see 7.4).

Your organization will retain documented information as evidence of the results of management.



Safety Management Review Agenda/Minutes - This may be useful when you conduct your first Management Review to meet the new standards requirements.

Till next time,

Also coming soon is my video blogs relating to Integrated Management Systems and associated topics - keep an eye out for them, commencing end of October 2019.



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