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ISO 45001:2018 Clause 9 Performance Evaluation

In this blog, I will discuss clause 9.1 of ISO 45001:2018, which is all about monitoring, measuring and analysing the performance of your organisation.

9.1.1 General

Your organization will establish, implement and maintain a process for monitoring, measurement, analysis and performance evaluation. Your organization will determine:

a) What needs to be monitored and measured, including:

1) The extent to which legal requirements and other requirements are fulfilled.

How do you assess the requirements and have you fulfilled them? You can do this through an audit.

2) Your activities and operations related to identified hazards, risks and opportunities.

How do you monitor these activities? Do you audit or inspect your controls?

3) Progress towards achievement of your organization’s OH&S objectives

How often do you assess your progress, who does it and how is it documented.

4) Effectiveness of operational and other controls

Do you audit or inspect to assess their effectiveness and how do you record effectiveness and in effectiveness.

b) The methods for monitoring, measurement, analysis and performance evaluation, as applicable, to ensure valid results.

c) The criteria against which your organization will evaluate its OH&S performance.

d) When the monitoring and measuring shall be performed.

e) When the results from monitoring and measurement will be analysed, evaluated and communicated.

Do you issue an OHS status report for publication/display for the entire company?


Your organization will evaluate the OH&S performance and determine the effectiveness of the OH&S management system.

Your organization will ensure that monitoring and measuring equipment is calibrated or verified as applicable, and is used and maintained as appropriate.

There can be legal requirements or other requirements, such as national or international standards concerning the calibration or verification of monitoring and measuring equipment.

Your organization will retain appropriate documented information:

  • As evidence of the results of monitoring, measurement, analysis and performance evaluation;

  • On the maintenance, calibration or verification of measuring equipment.


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