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ISO 45001:2018 - Clause 7.4 Communication

This clause addresses internal and external communication and what the requirements are of this clause.

7.4.1 General

Your organization will establish, implement and maintain the process(es) needed for the internal and external communications relevant to the OH&S management system, including determining:

a) on what it will communicate; safety alerts, hazards, industry safety information, newsletters.

b) when to communicate; at least monthly or when alerts are required

c) with whom to communicate: all staff.

1) internally among the various levels and functions of the organization;

2) among contractors and visitors to the workplace;

3) among other interested parties;

d) how to communicate.

Your organization shall take into account diversity aspects (e.g. gender, language, culture, literacy, disability) when considering its communication needs. Don’t assume everybody in your organization can read and write. Include pictures and diagrams in your OHS communications.

Your organization will ensure that the views of external interested parties are considered in establishing its communication process(es). When establishing its communication process(es), the organization shall:

— take into account its legal requirements and other requirements;

— ensure that OH&S information to be communicated is consistent with information generated within the OH&S management system, and is reliable.

Your organization will respond to relevant communications on its OH&S management system. The organization will retain documented information as evidence of its communications, as appropriate. Eg Safety Bulletins - Safety Bulletins identify areas of concern, share information and identify positive steps to enhance safety.

7.4.2 Internal Communication

Your organization will:

a) internally communicate information relevant to the OH&S management system among the various levels and functions of the organization, including changes to the OH&S management system, as appropriate; how do you ensure that all staff are made aware of changes to the safety system and sign off on them?

b) ensure its communication process(es) enables workers to contribute to continual improvement. What is your improvement process and how is it communicated?

7.4.3 External Communication

Your organization will externally communicate information relevant to the OH&S management system, as established by the organization’s communication process(es) and taking into account its legal requirements.

How do you do this? Some organisations display their safety objectives and results on their websites.

An example of a safety bulletin template is available here.

Till next time.


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