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The 6 Steps to Effective Communication within your organisation

We’ve been getting a lot of feedback from our clients’ employees that they’re not always getting the information they need and not being communicated to in the right way.

In this video, we’re going to talk about six key steps that’ll assist your organisation in achieving effective communication.

1. Who

The first step is establishing who should be communicated to, and who should attend.

You need to figure out if all staff need to be communicated to, or just a select few. This will be dependent on what you are communicating.

2. Location

Next you need to decide on a location. This should be appropriate to who’s attending the meeting, how long it might take and the style of the meeting.

3. Involvement and Participation

You need to establish what level of involvement and participation you want from the people involved in the meeting.

You may want feedback and other people talking. Keep in mind that communication, and effective communication, is two-way. It’s not just you giving information.

You want to be able to get information back from your employees, because they’re a source of what’s going on in your organisation as well.

4. Records

You need to record down that the meeting actually took place.

How often have you been asked in an audit “Oh where’s the record of that meeting? It sounded like a really effective meeting.” and someone replies “Oh, we didn’t actually take any records of that.”

We want to avoid this. Record every meeting.

5. Further Communication

A really important point is step five: further communication.

Has everyone been communicated to? You need to think: who missed out on that meeting, and out of those people, who needs further communication.

You may need to share the records/minutes of the meeting with those that need them, or could put them up on a noticeboard for all to see.

6. Follow-Up

The follow-up, is about ensuring that all these steps have been followed and that your communication is effective.


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