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Everything you need to know about Organisational Leadership

From my experience, the key to an effective integrated management system is leadership, so, in this blog I’m going to go through 4 key requirements of leadership to assist you in implementing your integrated management system.

Requirement 1: Top management drives the system

Top Management have signed the IMS policy, so they should be walking the talk as far as the system goes.

Requirement 2: Allocate Sufficient Resources

They have to allocate sufficient resources, just having one person totally responsible for the IMS system is a bit tough, there should be several people involved in top management that are responsible for the IMS.

Requirement 3: Promote the System

Top management have to promote the system. It’s not a throwaway line of “yeah we’ve got the IMS”. Everyone should be involved in the IMS but especially management promoting it.

Requirement 4: Provide Professional Development

Top management should provide professional development in the requirements of the standards and the requirements integrated management system.


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