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ISO 45001:2018 Clause 8.1.3 Management of change

This is one of the key new requirements of this standard compared to previous safety standards such as 18001 and 4801.

Your organization has to establish a process(es) for the implementation and control of planned temporary and permanent changes that impact OH&S performance, including:

  • New products, services and processes, or changes to existing products, services and processes, including:

  1. Workplace locations and surroundings;

  2. Work organization;

  3. Working conditions;

  4. Equipment;

  5. Work force.

  • Changes to legal requirements and other requirements; - how do you keep up to date with these changes – are you linked with national and state safety bodies?

  • Changes in knowledge or information about hazards and OH&S risks; - where do you get your knowledge and information from, industry associations, your networks, linked in groups ?

  • Developments in knowledge and technology; - how do you tap into these developments?

Your organization will review the consequences of unintended changes, taking action to mitigate any adverse effects, as necessary.

NOTE: Changes can result in risks and opportunities, so you need to update your risk and opportunities register.

What is your change management process and does it address these requirements?

I have provided an example of a Change Management Procedure and an example of a Change Improvement Corrective Action Request Form.

Use these and customize to your company needs.


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Vijay Uppal
Vijay Uppal
01 mar 2022

Very well explained.

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Patrick Crook
Patrick Crook
13 ago 2019

Clever marketing Mr P.

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Patrick Crook


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