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ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety - Clause 6.2 OH&S Objectives and Planning to Achieve them.

Firstly, before I get started, let me stress that this clause of the standard is where you can apply SMART objectives or stupid objectives.


Stupid objectives will only be given in this paragraph then I am not going to talk about them ever again as they are a waste of time...

Lag (after the fact) objectives are not what you want, they are like having the ambulance parked at the bottom of the cliff. It's too late. You need lead (pro-active) objectives.

For example, if the objective is to reduce injuries but there are no preventive measures, controls, systems or processes to do this... you can measure these statistics till you're blue in the face, however your system will not ensure a safe environment for you workers.

Also knowing and reporting on injury rates never saved an organization from prosecution.


Ok, now we can focus on SMART objectives...

Having a good system for ensuring a safe system of work and monitoring its performance (including management safety inspections) is one of the the ways to go.

How do we ensure a safe workplace? What objectives ensure that we can achieve or strive towards this outcome? I would value some ideas and I’m sure others would as well.

Send me your thoughts or examples at or leave a comment below!


What is the definition for safety objectives?

Occupational health and safety objective (OH&S objective) - objective (3.16) set by the organization (3.1) to achieve specific results consistent with the OH&S Policy.

6.2.1 OH&S objectives.

Your organization must establish OH&S objectives at relevant functions and levels in order to maintain and continuously improve the OH&S management system and OH&S performance (see 10.3 Continuous improvement).

The OH&S objectives must:

1. Be consistent with the OH&S policy

2. Be measurable (if practicable) or capable of performance evaluation

3. Take into account:

  • Applicable requirements

  • The results of the assessment of risks and opportunities (see and

  • The results of consultation with workers (see 5.4) and, where they exist, workers’ representatives

4. Be monitored

5. Be communicated (displayed on noticeboards – some of my clients even have them on their website)

6. Be updated as appropriate

6.2.2 Planning to achieve OH&S objectives

When planning how to achieve its OH&S objectives, your organization must determine:

a) What will be done

b) What resources will be required

c) Who will be responsible

d) When it will be completed

e) How the results will be evaluated, including indicators for monitoring

f) How the actions to achieve OH&S objectives will be integrated into the organization’s business processes

Your organization must maintain and retain documented information on the OH&S objectives and plans.

I have included an example of the OHS Objectives Program that PKP uses with our clients. Feel free to use it.


Any questions, don’t hesitate to contact the team at PKP.




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