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ISO 45001:2018 Clause 8.2 Emergency Preparedness and Response.

In this blog I am going to discuss clause 8.2 of ISO 45001:2018 which is all about emergency preparedness and response.

Your organization will establish, implement and maintain a process(es) needed to prepare for and respond to potential emergency situations, as identified in, including:

Establishing a planned response to emergency situations

This includes the provision of first aid; ensure you have used the correct first aid kits and that you inspect them at least quarterly.

Providing training for the planned response

Such as warden training

Periodically testing and exercising the planned response capability

This needs to happen at least yearly.

Evaluating performance and, as necessary, revising the planned response

This includes after testing and, in particular, after the occurrence of emergency situations; you need to document lessons learned. (Refer to forms provided at the end of this blog).

Communicating and providing relevant information to all workers on their duties and responsibilities

This can be completed at their induction and during planned training, maybe at the emergency exercise.

In relation to your emergency exercise try using different scenarios each time eg, fire, medical emergency, lock down procedure.

Communicating relevant information

You need to give approproate information to contractors, visitors, emergency response services, government authorities and, as appropriate, the local community.

How do you do this is up to you, get creative.

Taking into account the needs and capabilities of all relevant interested parties

This includes ensuring their involvement, as appropriate, in the development of the planned response.

For example, people with disabilities and language obstacles, can everyone in your organization read, use pictures.


Your organization will maintain and retain documented information on the process(es) and on the plans for responding to potential emergency situations.


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