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ISO 45001:2018 Clause 8.1.2 Eliminating Hazards and Reducing Risks

Your organization will establish, implement and maintain a process(es) for the elimination of hazards and reduction of OH&S risks using the following hierarchy of controls:

Eliminate the hazard;

  • Substitute with less hazardous processes, operations, materials or equipment;

  • Use engineering controls and reorganization of work;

  • Use administrative controls, including training;

  • Use adequate personal protective equipment.

What processes do you have for reviewing and assessing your hazards and trying to eliminate them and/or follow the hierarchy of controls? Can this be at toolbox meetings tapping into the knowledge of the people doing the work?

As part of your safety training process do you encourage staff to think of smarter and safer ways to undertake work? Do you provide them with forums for discussing these potentially safer methods?

As discussed last week, you have to ask yourself some key questions regarding your operational safety system. Head over to that blog to be reminded of the types of questions you should be asking yourself.

I said it last week, and I'll say it again as it is so important: Your system does not have stand-alone elements in it, they are all interlinked, especially, training, communication, inspections and audits and of course follow up and close out of reported hazards and risks.

Check out the risk assessment and control form and other useful safety and QHSE (IMS) documentation in our free resources.

Till next week.





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