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Dispelling ISO Certification Myths With Mango - Webinar Recording

The time has come for me to feature on one of Mango Limited's Monthly Webinars. In this one, Craig asked me to come on and dispel some myths related to ISO Certification.

Over the years, Craig and I have heard many myths about ISO Certification. Things like;

  • “Oh isn’t it just lots of extra paperwork?”

  • “It makes you work a different way”

  • “It’s written in gobbledegook”

  • “Getting ISO certified is expensive”

  • "You need an approved suppliers list"

In this webinar, we have provided advice you can use to dispel these myths within your organisation.

We also outline some actionable advice you can take away and implement into your business to improve the compliance programs.

At the end of the webinar, we answered some of the listeners questions in a Q&A Session.

For everything you need to know about myths related to ISO Certification, watch the 1 hour video above.


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