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Change Management - In 5 Simple Steps

Not many companies know how to go about change management, so in this video, I am going to show you 5 simple steps on how to manage change.

1. Record

The very first thing you need to do is record down what the change is that you are going to make.

2. Analyse Impact

Next, you need to analyse the impact of that change and what it may do to the process or organisation.

3. Who Should be involved?

Should it be senior management?

Should it be a cross section of our organisation?

Should it just be the staff involved in the change?

Whoever it is, ensure you are clear on this, and then record it down.

4. How you communicate

You then need to decide how you are going to communicate these changes to the whole organisation. This may be through training, a town hall meeting, or combination of both.

5. Review

After you've implemented the change, give it a couple of months and then review the change to make sure its effective. If it has not been effective, you may need to change a little bit of that as well – and we go back through that process.

The review can be done at your management review meeting. So that can be another agenda item for your management review – have there been any changes implemented in the last three months?

Resources Mentioned in this video:

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