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Benefits of implementing an Integrated Management System

This blog will help you to address AS/NZS 4801, OHSAS18001, ISO 45001, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 System (& other standards &/or systems you may manage.)

How many separate systems do you have?

Have you read the applicable standards relating to those systems ?

The high level structure of the latest versions of the Quality 9001, Environmental 14001 and OHS 45001 are the same with the following headings. – You can then link to where your system addresses 4801 if you are still required to meet this standard. We have done this for numerous clients.

If you see the following list a high percentage of your existing systems can be combined into one system.

Context of the organization – additional requirement for workers needs and expectations in 45001 as well as interested parties.

Leadership – additional clause for Consultation and participation of workers in 45001.

Planning – Actions to address risks and opportunities, Legal requirements and other requirements, Compliance obligations and Objectives and planning to achieve them. Planning of changes.

Support – Resources including monitoring and measuring, Competence, Awareness, Communication and documented Information

Operations – Operational planning and control, requirements for products and services including customer communication, Design and development (if applicable), control of externally provided processes, products and services, Production and service provision, release of products and services, control of nonconforming outputs and emergency preparedness and response.

Performance evaluation – monitoring and measuring of data, evaluation of legal compliance, internal audits, management review

Improvement – Incidents in 45001, nonconformances and corrective action and improvement.

The above standards allow for ease of including other standards that you need to comply with eg, ISO 26001, ISO 27001, 22000 (Food Safety).

Have a look at the IMS Manual in our free resources section of our website.

PKP & Associates has assisted over 100 companies to achieve certification of their integrated management systems to ISO 9001, 14001, 4801, 18001 and some will soon achieve 45001.

At the same time we have integrated other requirements into the IMS to provide a streamlined system eg, Information Security, Privacy Act, Food Safety, Social Responsibility and Anti-slavery.

Another benefit is the cost reduction in the number of days required for your third party audits.

Why duplicate, triplicate or over complicate your systems?

We also recommend clients to look at a software system to manage their compliance.

Any questions, just contact us.


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