Environmental Systems have become a key risk management area for all companies. We have assisted numerous organisations to reduce their carbon footprint, save money and to achieve certification to ISO 14001:2004

Choosing a consultant

ISO 14001 Consultants have varying abilities and experience. In fact, Environmental Consulting is an unregulated industry within Australia and unfortunately anyone can call themselves an Environmental Consultant without any experience or qualifications.  Additionally anyone within Australia could provide ISO 14001 services without any prior experience or qualifications. 

To assist your organisation choosing an appropriate ISO 14001 Consultant your organisation could consider assessing the following attributes:

• They have formal environmental management qualifications e.g. degree qualified majoring in environmental management;

• They have developed EMSs for other organisations and are able to provide references;

• They have hands on experience implementing and maintaining EMSs within organisations;

• They are RABQSA certified Environmental Auditors and have audited many ISO 14001 EMSs, including those that are effective and those that are not;

• They can provide sample documentation so that you know what type of EMS will be developed for your organisation and whether it will be suitable (i.e. review how it is constructed and if it looks illogical or overwhelming then it’s probably not suitable.  Also be prepared to ask questions about the system – can they explain easily how it is constructed? This is a very good indicator of whether the Consultant has a thorough knowledge of ISO 14001 and how to develop effective and easy to use EMSs.);

• They are able to communicate effectively and engage you with a genuine interest for environmental management;

• They have adequate environmental management experience covering a broad range of topics; and

• They are familiar with your industry.

Additionally when engaging a Consultancy as opposed to an Independent Environmental Consultant consideration could be given to checking whether the individual which will be developing your EMS has the skill set outlined above.

The benefits from having an effective EMS are enormous and choosing the right ISO 14001 Consultant to assist your organisation can be vital to its success.

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